We are at a pivotal time in human evolution as increasing numbers of people are experiencing a profound shift in consciousness. This shift can be confusing and sometimes lonely, especially if those around you don’t understand or belittle your experience. The good news is that the spiritual awareness these shifts bring will naturally result in a life of more meaning, purpose and happiness for you once you have successfully navigated the process of personal growth involved.

Signs you are experiencing a shift in consciousness
  • A desire to radically change your life, job, habits or relationships and serve the world.

  • Feeling that something inside you has changed and unsure who you are becoming.

  • Feeling a new sense of connection and compassion and wanting to explore this.

  • A deep yearning to have more meaning in life together with work and relationships that sustain that meaning.

  • Feeling more physically and emotionally sensitive.

  • A desire to truly know yourself and reconnect with your inner world.

  • Increasing amounts of synchronicities, intuition and need to spend time with oneself.

  • A desire to change eating habits and awareness of what one is eating.

  • Different energy levels, changes in sleep patterns, undiagnosable illness, fatigue or bursts of intense energy.

  • Wanting to avoid conflict and judgment.

  • Feeling connected, experiences of oneness – with the world, nature, humanity and divinity.

Support and guidance on your spiritual path